All in one PDF APP

The perfect App for you to merge all your PDF files into one. You can (Merge, split, compress, convert, rotate, unlock and watermark PDFs or even convert your PDF file into word ).

Add Text

Add additional text to your existing PDF. We provide you with additional text, even after you have saved your PDF


Secure your PDF, by adding a password. Use the same Password anywhere, everywhere. Share it with whom only you trust.

Images to PDF

Convert your any Image JPG, JPEG/JFIF. JPEG 2000. Exif. TIFF. GIF. BMP. PNG. PPM, PGM, PBM, and PNM. file to PDF format.

Remove Password

This function helps you to remove your password, the functions enable you to share your file without restrictions.

View Files

View all the PDF Files that you have created or saved as Draft


Want to make the PDF immediately. Scan the written or printed document and our latest software will convert it into a PDF Format.

Word to PDF

Convert all your text writings and word to PDF directly using this very own app. You can upload in word files or write separately.


Have an outline of the action you've taken. Know what you did with your recent files

Rotate Pages

Change your page into a portrait or landscape mode or portrait mode

Add Images

Add additional images to your already existing PDFs


Copyright your content by giving your PDF your Water Mark

Merge PDF

Have issues with all the different PDFs. Make it easy by Merging them. Merge two or more PDFs into one file.

Split PDF

Want to divide the already existing file? You can use this feature to divide your PDF to n number of time


Want to even tone and make your PDF more office-like. Bright colors might be considered too funky. Convert your color PDF into Black and White.


Remove the unnecessary PDF Pages which is been repeated

Reorder Pages

Arrange Manually the Pages in any order you love

PDF to Images (with Watermark)

Convert any PDF images to JPEG, JPG, JPEG2000 without losing your Watermark.


Do you have ZIP-files in multiple folders that you want to have converted to PDF? Convert your Zip files with or without Web Content to PDF

Remove Pages

Manually Remove the pages you don't need

Text to PDF

Convert the text in your PDF into text or save it into Word File


Compres Your PDF to increase your sufficient storage or whenever you need to upload within the limitations of a specific data storage unit KB, MB, GB &TB

Extract Images

Convert any PDF images to JPEG, JPG, JPEG2000 Watermark)

About the App

The PDF expert allows you to convert all your Excel to PDF, Word to PDF, edit your existing PDF, and Claim your PDF with a watermark of your own. Want to compress your PDF, you can even do that. You name it, we have it. You can merge your PDF as well as Split your PDF. PDF expert even allows you to edit your PDF by adding extra images in your already existing PDF or by extracting the Present images.

Not just the fact that you can make more new PDFs but provide an existing track of your PDF. In View Files, you can get all the files that you have worked in and use history to know what you did the last.

You can use your Camscanner to scan your precious documents and immediately convert it to PDF without much hassle with just your smartphone. No need to download a thousand different app for your PDF, you just need a PDF Expert Guru. Download it Now.

Why choose PDF Expert?

PDF expert is the one-stop solution for all your PDF problems. It allows you to do a variety of functions which including editing PDF, Adding or Removing Text, Merging or Splitting PDF, and much more. For security, we are providing password encryption.

We have developed this app so that you can have a hassle-free experience. you don’t have to spend a dime since this app is 100 free.


Yes, all your Files are safe with us and we have a strict Protection Regulation,

No, we don’t keep any copies of any of your files.

(same I need help in this Q)

The speed of your conversion will depend on the size of your file. the bigger it is, the more time consuming it will be

Download the app

The App is simple to use and 100% free. You don’t need to use big-big software any more to format your PDF